Class 2


Class 2


Class 2 is made up of Year 1 and Year 2 pupils taught by Richard Degg and assisted by Tina Ball and Abi Ratcliffe.

Step into one of our lessons and you will see lots of talk, questioning, debate and knowledge being used. All our pupils are unique and have many different skills to offer. We use a knowledge-based curriculum planned around a quality key text, you can go to the link to our knowledge organizers and termly plans for further information.

We offer a rich and broad curriculum by making links across subjects where possible. and through Grid Learning, we aim to explore the work of lots of different artists, designers and architects to fulfil the requirements of the Art and Design Technology Curriculum.

We use iPads and the floor robots to develop basic IT and programming skills.

We utilise books from a variety of schemes to consolidate our reading at home and we utilise IT programmes such as Mathletics and Spellingframe to set weekly homework challenges.

Within Class 2 the children are given lots of opportunities to be independent as we believe that this is a key life skill that enables them to become more active learners as they progress through the rest of the school.

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