Class 3


Class 3

In Class 3 we have Year 3 and Year 4 pupils taught by Caroline Perkins and Nicola Chambers and supported by Gemma Perry.

By Key Stage 2 we have taught the pupils to develop and use greater independence in the choices they make within their own learning. 

As with Key Stage 1, each term is linked to a specific topic and these topics are both knowledge and skills-based. The children are encouraged to combine the skills and knowledge to produce work of greater depth.

The children experience a full and broad Curriculum, where possible we use our termly topics to inspire our art and design technology work. The children enjoy being challenged to apply their learning in Maths to problem solve and use experiments to extend their understanding of the world around them in science.

The children also have an allocated Chromebook which allows us to utilise Google Classroom as a tool to enrich the children’s learning experiences.

Within some subjects, Specialist Teachers are employed to give the children the opportunity to further develop their skills.


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